"You can make it happen."

Honestly, if you don’t find the symbolism in having aged national legend Miroslav Klose, giving his substitute Mario Gotze those words of wisdom before taking his place on the pitch, and then to have Gotze score the winning goal, not only for the 2014 World Cup Final, but also for what may be the final game for Miroslav Klose’s international career; as the ultimate act of passing on the torch to the new heroes of the German National Team…

….Then I don’t know what to tell you. I really, really don’t know.

(via gotze-score-that-fucking-goal)

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My new OTP

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Even as Davos spoke, he thought, This world is twisted beyond hope, when lowborn smugglers must vouch for the honor of kings.

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Fuck the Lannister.

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Democracy at 4am


Morning without YOU is a dwindled dawn


Taiwanese young people are occupying the Parliament to end a democratic crisis.
On Mar. 18, the Ma administration forced the agreement through without due process.
Once the trade agreement with China is passed, it will have a severe impact on…

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imma cry ;__;

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